This post is inspired by reading ‘Business spirituality’ by Paul de Blot and the integral business book ‘4D leadership; competitive advantage through vertical leadership development’ by Alan Watkins.

Both well known authors mention the importance of doing, being and relating.

In our Western culture emphasis on doing seems to overrule all else. In business the profit margins gained by exploiting doingness are becoming smaller and smaller. Alan Watkins makes a compelling case when showing the potential of optimising the use of being and relating next to the well known doing.
I am really happy with his time tested approach that combines clarity, complexity and practicality in a very elegant way. He speaks to my psychologist heart’s soft spot for the topics of awareness, development and sharing. For being and relating. Some lipservice appears to be paid to integrating these inner aspects of life and true communication but implementation in a coherente way is not business as usual, yet. Unfortunately a huge price is paid on the humanitarian and environmental front by focussing unilaterally on doing-oriented productivity and profit.

When doing is the default ‘go to’ and when the drive to ‘let’s do it no matter what the consequences’ mainly leads to short term advantages like financial profit, day-fly succes and temporarily status boosts, inevitably we will all suffer on the longer run. We cannot foresee all destructive effects of from neglecting the people and planet part of the bottomline and stubornly excluding connectivity and awareness from life as a whole. Unfortunately most of us cannot be bothered with considering the extent of potential so called ‘collateral damage’.

There is nothing wrong with profit, but why neglect huge potential in the quality of life area for the sake of financial quantity only? Why sacrifice a deep sense of safety and belonging to the pursuit of economical winnings? Why neglect our inner ‘melody of life’ as Paul de Blot might put it.

In my view our next stage of psychological evolution is integrating our tri-unite brain to create an ever more dynamically balanced whole. To integrate our oldest, reptilian, reactive, doing-oriented brain with our socially oriented mamalian brain, and with our newest brain that in theory is capable of creative and rational thinking, reflection and self-awareness.

What if we explore the impact of consciously putting into practice the combined potential of

  1. doing what is necessary to survive physically in a durable way
  2. caring for safety and nurturing each other through respectfull relating in meaningful communities
  3. being capable of rational reasoning, creative learning and exponential development
  4. allowing ourselves being transrationally aware of the creatively chaotic interplay of the holistic cocktail of all and nothing and our personally unique relationship with the world around us?

I call this conscious interconnection.
Complex? Yes.
Exciting? I do think so.

What leading edge possibilities do you see when we integrate doing, being and relating? When we turn this into our personal-triple-bottomline? Please let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, do take care of your balance by pauzing long enough and deep enough to recharge your batteries in this exponentially exhillerating and dynamically changing times.
And don’t forget to Breathe as Alan Watkins would say.