On the 24th of October 2016 we celebrate Global Oneness Day. In this context I would like to ponder on qualities like Oneness and Global Interconnection.

Oneness, fully interconnected unitedness, is available to us every single day. Usually we do not belief let alone experience that all of the time. As a psychologist I see different kinds of reasons why only few of us experience Oneness permanently.

• Some of these reasons are related to past trauma and ongoing feelings of fear. These tend to activate stress reactions that freeze our perception and feelings.

• Another reason might be that in our current stage of human evolution we have a strong tendency to exclude what we perceive as ‘other than our own’. Most of us are familiar with ‘feeling as one’ with our own body and thoughts only.

• I also wonder whether out familiarity with polarities and unfamiliarity with integral wholes might play down the role of Oneness in our lives.

Now what do I mean by that? Most of us are familiar with polarities. A polarity has two opposites that appear to be mutually exclusive. They are joint together but like two ends of a stick. ‘Big and small’, ‘more and less’ can appear to be separated as unreconcilable extremities instead of also embracing a vast field of possibilities in the middle. Generally people don’t like the idea of ‘being small’ or ‘being less’.

So what happens with we realise that each one of us represents a smaller part of this bigger whole of Oneness? Do we freeze and close ourselves of? Or do we open up to the idea that it is a great opportunity to partake in a unity, in a so called ‘Gestalt’. The awesome thing about a Gestalt is that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. This endows us with extra qualities. It is also amazing that Oneness is the biggest Gestalt possible in which nothing and nobody is excluded. Can you imagine that?

Everyone is a smaller part that plays a unique role necessary for the big puzzle to be able to function as a Whole. Not one single piece can be missed in the One life-puzzle. Every being has its unique role in the structure of life and a creative intelligence to add fresh pieces of information. These pieces are not restricted by national boundaries. Oneness is naturally Global.

Consciously Interconnecting more and more of our individual creativity, awareness and intelligence on a global scale means growing together into the ever more beautiful and integrated Gestalt of Oneness. This means we keep evolving collectively into more synchronicity, compassion and shared abundance. To me Global Oneness is nothing less than Shared Greatness.

Greatness is like beauty: it is in the eye of the beholder.

Beholding Global Oneness gives access to all of the beauty and greatness we can open ourselves up to in the moment.

Let’s have a wonderful Global Oneness Day together, every day.

Warmly, Mariëlle