PART 2 of the Quiet Xmas Greetings will provide you with 6 TIPS on what to do when you or others experience the ‘Xmas-blues’ in order to have the most wonderful Christmas time and 2017 possible.

Part 1 in short

Inner Silence, Quiet contemplation and the longing for Peace are highly activated in the collective consciousness at Xmas time. These softer and Quiet qualities are ‘in the air’ so to speak. Some people are more open to softness, can relax into it. Others will have a hard time not to feel stressed, vulnerable or blue in this soft energy.

Now what about these Xmas-blues?

Many of us feel painfully lonely at Christmas time. Even though you might not be alone and have a nice family or good company, loneliness can still feel as if you totally are. Alone. It usually is an old pain that was not ‘processed’ previously. It got ‘frozen’, waiting for release. Frozen pain often gets the chance to surface only once, in the ‘softer’ times of the year. And of course when it gets this chance to be activated and ‘finally’ processed it seizes the opportunity. Whether you think that’s convenient or not. What to do?

6 TIPS for the Xmas-blues

TIP 1  When your frozen blues chooses to express itself, invite it in

Don’t let your pain and loneliness stay homeless. Don’t leave it out in the cold all by itself. Welcome it in as a friend, as good news or as a special Christmas blessing. As the gift of an opening for getting relief. Try so see irritation and blues as a messenger of underlying loneliness and relief soon to be ‘born’. If others don’t approach this opportunity opening up for you as a blessing, please try to understand. Take some alone time to allow yourself to simply Be. Be with a flow of tears or shivers of fear, clattering teeth, yawning, burping, eye twitching, ‘weird’ noises or cries of loneliness and grief coming up.

TIP 2  Let it Be

Don’t suppress it but ‘let it be’. Don’t ‘meditate away’ the pain. Don’t ‘drown’ the messengers fear and irritation in any way. Not in addictions like alcohol, noisy thought patterns or music. Not even drown them in forced quietness. Let your very personal expression of pain, grief and loneliness surface, take its due course and melt into inner Peace and a truly ‘new’ year.

TIP 3  Give yourself some Tender Loving Care

The pain will fade after once or twice (or several more times) of taking the space to embrace what was frozen. Give it a coat and some mittens and the warmth of your Love. The pace of fading depends on the depth of the pain and the extend of its frozenness. If necessary ask for assistance to surrender to the primordial warmth and wisdom of your Body and Soul, of your whole Being. And take time to integrate the new found flow.

TIP 4  Give others some TLC too

Sharing and caring alleviates loneliness. After allowing your own version of the lonely blues perhaps there is room inside of you to listen to others feeling a similar emotion. To offer someone else a safe space to feel what is announcing itself to be felt. Listening without judgement is a free and priceless gift.

TIP 5  Share your Self

Be as authentic, transparent and open as you comfortably can. That way the joy of life can flow in, around and from you. And everybody, including you, will be uplifted in the process.

TIP6  Daily Quiet

Consider melting your frozen pain more often by taking Quiet time daily. So in the coming years you won’t have such a hard time in the soft and Quiet Xmas period. And of course your overasll energy and creativity level will profit too.

Quiet works.

Let’s unfreeze into Peace and share a beautiful December and a wonderful New Year together.

Warmly, Mariëlle


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