As usual I tend to use many words so I would like to present my Xmas greetings in 2 parts.

PART 1 introduces the topic of Quiet and ‘Xmas-blues’. PART 2 will give you 6 TIPS on what to do with these blues and have the most wonderful Christmas time and 2017 possible.

Quiet and the Xmas-blues

Inner Silence, Quiet contemplation and the longing for Peace are highly activated in the collective consciousness at Christmas time. These Quiet qualities are ‘in the air’ so to speak, even though peace is not present for everybody yet and many of us living in a peace zone seem to be more busy than ever in the month of December. Many of us tend to feel some kind of ‘Xmas blues’ because of this season bearing a more soft energy. Some people are more open to softness and can relax into it and rejoice over it. Others will have a hard time not to feel vulnerable or blue, especially those of us who feel the Quiet only when the year’s end is near, Why would it be a good thing to feel the Quiet more often?

Quiet in life

During the Holidays most of us take some time off and settle down a bit. But the silent quality of Quiet is valuable all year around. It has the Potential of enhancing our sense of inner Peace and dynamic Flow year around and to feel joy more often, not only during the Holidays. The Quiet of our Being, at the very least it’s Potential, is always there. For most of us it is easier to access Quiet during a retreat than in our daily living and working. But we can hone our skill of ongoing access to Quiet’s qualities with daily practice and experience more inner Peace and Quiet.

Why is this so important?

Quiet at work prevents burnout How many of us are able to feel inner Quiet at work? The one who is able to work (a few hours a day) in the Quiet effectiveness and inner Peace of flow carries less risk of burning out. While working with the quiet undercurrents of flow we do not deplete our inner resources. We add to them instead, while also enjoying the flow of creativity, inspiration, clarity of mind and presence. How can we become more present like that?

Practicing Quiet

Daily Quiet and flow can be a daily practice and become a lifestyle. Mindfulness and other meditation techniques can bring a sense of spaciousness, natural momentum and Quiet into our lives. This provides us with more balance and clarity. With practice this stays available in times of stress and fast paced agendas. This assists us to remain more available as a whole person. To not get distracted and contracted. To be responsive instead of becoming stressed out and reactive. What more do we need to live and work in a more coherent and integrated way?

Collateral benefits of Quiet

Next to daily spiritual practice it is important to integrate ‘old stuff’ coming up during Quiet times. Sometimes unintegrated old pain bubbles to the surface when we allow ourselves to sink deeper into our inner groundedness and spaciousness. Old pain can be seen as frozen energy patterns that influence (or even sabotage) our sense of quiet and flow. During Quiet times frozen parts can become available to get unfrozen and join in with our authentic flow again. When old pain becomes available it is important to bring awareness to whatever it brings. Usually it shows up as irritation or fear. You don’t need to know with your head what to do. Your body knows if you let it. Find a quiet place and stay present to the feeling and allow it to take its time to fulfil its original momentum.

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