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In addition to these possibilities I would like to present my speciality in this blog. It is introduced in my book ‘Conscious Interconnection Volume 1’ (2015) and will be unpacked further in Volume 2 (2017). My speciality involves using Survival or Protection modes in an optimal, opening way. In a way that helps to prevent burn-out and enhances the art of living and the natural zest for meaningful work. You don’t have to wait for Vol 2 to take advantage of my expertise in this area.

What is the use of Protection modes?

Protection modes are previous beneficial choices turned into patterns. These previous choices helped us to survive. The mind firmly believes in ‘never change a winning team’, especially when Survival is at stake. What did not get us killed carries a very strong attraction as do recognisable patterns. This sets us up to unconsciously repeating ‘succesful’ Survival patterns over and over again.

When we grow up and circumstances change, possibilities open up for a more optimal ‘winning team’. Do you feel free to make the necessary changes to upgrade your skills, creativity and succes? Or do you prefer to stick to the comfort of the familiar and saying an inner NO to potential change and balanced flexibility?

In the current global world with fast changes and vast interconnectedness, sticking to the familiar will at some time present you with painful disadvantages. Your body will get sick, your mind overwhelmed, your feelings confused or numbed, your relationships disrupted. And I am just naming a few common ones here.

What do we do when in a Survival or Protection mode?

The simple answer to ‘what we do to Protect ourselves in threatening situations’ is to Fight, Flee or Freeze. In short: we attack, run or faint. Fortunately these primary survival reactions are build into our bodymind system.

What I would like to point out to you is the fact that even when we are not in danger anymore we tend to keep attacking, running away or feeling stiffled. We tend to still react to life as intensely as if we are facing imminent death. That way we cannot concentrate fully on living and working anymore. We react impulsively instead of response-able. We react in a default mode instead of responding to the present situation in a sychronised way.

The next image summarises the actions we tend to take when we keep Fighting, Fleeing or Freezing while a threatening situation is not actually present anymore. When we revert to a set Survival Mode instead of being open to what is actually there. Ususally this happens when a current situation in some way resembles an old, unintegrated traumatic one.

Fight, SFlee and Freeze in action

Getting a closer view of Fight, Flee and Freeze

Want to know more about what unsynchronised Fight, Flee and Freeze reactions look like in real life? Want to know what to do with them? You can either read ‘Conscious Interconnection Volume 1: See to your Balance’ (for sale on this website) or contact me for a free introduction meeting. In a face to face meeting we can get a sense of being a good match to work together in taking care of your professional and/or personal Growth process.