I would like to share my email on Prosperous Peace to ‘The Shift Network’ in response to their invitation to share our vision and mission for 2020.

Feel free to share yours in the comments 🙂

From M.de Natris, Jan 1, 6:26 AM PST:

Hello dear shift networkers,

My general mission is to contribute to each one of us finding healthy, balanced dynamics and to co-create Prosperous Peace together from an inner space full of Potential. (I am writing a book series about my integral vision. I am happy to send you a copy, just ask. Or visit www.consciousinterconnection.nl to get a free e-book with the essentials.)

I believe Personal inner Peace is necessary for sustainable Collective outer Peace. My specific mission is to mentor entrepreneurial people standing or dancing on the integral leading / frothy edge. To help explore this threshold leading toward holistic and unity thinking and the fears and unintegrated trauma’s that process activates.

Engaged with heart and soul in studying psychology since 40 years and working as a psychotherapist for 28 I continue to offer insights in inner processes and outer expressions. My speciality is integral and integrated inclusion of survival and protection modes (through my CConnect-method). Since 5 years I am ‘coming out’ of the therapy room in the aim of integrating my bodymind, soul and spirit on a deeper level of presence and availability and becoming clearly visible and findable for people who might be looking for my kind of ‘all in one’ expertise.

Thank you for this beautiful invitation and all the work you do.

Warmly, Mariëlle de Natris