Artificial intelligence or creative Intelligence?

More and more I am amazed when I read about the fascination with Artificial intelligence. I feel confused too, for starters because of the abreviation Al.

On my phone the capital letter for i show up as l. To me this capital letter l looks like the non capital letter l. In other words, it looks and sounds like an ‘L’ to me. The L of Love and Life and Laughter. The L of Listening and Looking. Not as the i of intelligence, inquiry, ingenuity. Not as the i of I, of me, my Self and I.

Reading ‘Al’ produces dissonance in me. The word ‘Al’ in Dutch means all, means ‘everything’, it means ‘all’. All living beings. All of Life. The word ‘Ai’ in Dutch means: ‘Ouch, something’s painfully wrong’.

Ai, Ai, Ai, what is wrong with Artificial intelligence? It is Artificial.
What’s wrong with artificial? What’s wrong with artificially processed foods and other artificial sweeteners? They mess up our hormones and nervous system. We loose our dynamic balance when we taking them in too much.

If people keep pushing for a world full of Ai what do we get?

  • A world full of automated i’?
  • A world of defalt modes?
  • Will we trade our I for an i?
  • What if the small self consciousness ratio, which is already only 5%, gets reduced even further? I do so prefer to be moving toward more than 5% awakened consiousness together, toward more clarity and mutual care.

How (un)conscious do we allow ourselves to be? What minimum number do we buy into?

10 %

Are we going for close to zero or for One and All?

Consciousness and intelligence is not the same. This ‘mind over body’ thing, this reducing everybody to unconscious ‘things’ without an inner life is really troubling me. I am a psychologist and love the interior of us humans. I love the art of living. I love the interplay of doing, being and relating. The exhilaration of loving and learning and laughing. Of knowing the taste of chocolate. And yes, it is messy at times but it is beautiful. I would not want it any other way.

We are only just getting used to our newest human brain part. We did not integrate it as a whole yet with the rest of ourselves. It takes time. It is a relatively slow process. It does not happen at the snap of a finger or the click of a button. We cannot order is online. It is the onlining process itself. The process of integrating, of is getting fully online with ALL of ourselves.

What are we going for?
* Do we swap inner peace for lazy ease?

* Do we sqander our quirky potential for Living fully awakened creative Intelligence with an in-terconnected I for the  relative ‘ease’ of ex-ternal Artifical intelligence?

* Do we ‘happily ever after’ pay the price of loosing the depth of our felt sense to buy into the propaganda of superficial ‘robotic-perfection-attraction’?

* Do we favor an Artificial image and Automated recording of a human being over a living person with unique and unpredictable surprises?

* Do we numb the rhythm  of our ups and downs into the ‘painlessness’ of living a flat line of indifference?

I feel kind of radical this month so I’ll allow myself to rant on for just a bit more. I aim to clarify the invisible and not to annoy. If you’re a bit annoyed while your view gets expanded in the process, so be it.

  • Do we choose near death over Living fully ALIVE?
  • Do we choose to look and sound human or do we want to FEEL human.
  • Do we give up being human before we grow into being together as consciously interconnected HUMANITY?
  • Do we really think being a binary code is the only way of evolving into the next stage if human EVOLUTION?
  • Do we really think genetical manipulation, DNA hacking and a controled Mind beats LOVE & LAUGHTER?

Can we fool our reptilian and mamalian brain to do this? Maybe we can with technology. Now that’s a scary thought.

This decision making process has been going on for a while. Less and less people have NOT watched television or played video games before they were 6 years old. Before the age of 6 we are basically recording everything we see, hear, sense, smell, taste. We take it all in with our senses and can’t differentiate yet. Our brain and brainwaves are still developping. Only after we are 12 years old we can decide consciously what we think. We are able to learn to think in abstractions. By this time 3 out of the 4 adult brainwaves have become available to us as a daily bodily experience and the 4th type of brainwave is starting to develop. That’s why the educational system changes around this age. We get to process information differently. We can become aware of the (tv) programs and commercials. Of conditioning and programming. That’s why puberty sets in. We don’t take everything for granted anymore. Unless we have been brain hacked or are froozen in fear, helplessness or loneliness.

What if we keep recording automaticly and reacting automatically unconsciously instead of aware and awake? What if without noticing we are socialising ourselves and our children into a culture where living on barely alive automatic mode is accepted as ‘normal’ because nobody knows full aliveness anymore?

Artificial intelligence is not coming, it is already here. Creative intelligence is not widely promoted. It is too wild, too chaotic, too unpredictable. Poor, hungry people can be ‘managed’ easily by controling physical needs. Wealthy, overfed people can be ‘managed’ by these physical needs anymore, but they can be managed by controling the sense of belongen, and self-esteem. This kind of management involves controling thoughts.

To me it starts to feel like we live in a concentration camp of consciousness.  Like we are living in restricted areas with walls of invisible barbed wire indicating boxes of collectively approved beliefs. The barbed wire we avoid to touch upon is the pain of realising our creative, non-linear Intelligence is getting numb. The barbed wire we shun is the pain of realising we lose more and more of our Alive vibrancy and our intimacy with the fullness of Life to fundamental economism and political soap operas.

To me it looks a lot like we accept being fed artificially manipulated food, grown with artificial fertilisers and neurotoxins rounding up the bugs instead of enabeling food still carrying nature’s own Intelligence. It start to look like we accept being provided with artificially programmed messages, provided by addiction oriented marketing methods….

‘Are we ‘Round up Ready yet?’ I sometimes ask myself.
Do we allow ourselves to be stuffed like the turkeys at Thanksgiving?

Who is giving Thanks here?
Well, not me.
I am worried.
And I am also happy to be here.

Mariëlle, May 2th, 2017

Ps. I do want to say thanks. Thanks to Bruce Lipton who amongst others sparked the inspiration, passion and joy of writing this post to you all. Do you need a sounding board or Living fully Alive mentor? Look at the Light menu or contact me.