Choosing from a superposition, why?
So much information, so little time.
How to chose?

You cannot explore everything in full detail and depth.
You can however find more clarity in another way:
• broaden your view by including a wider context
• choose the kind of relationship you personally want to have with information (see the 5 Questions below).

Information is never ‘just facts’. It is a broader issue.
Information includes facts, summaries of facts, selection of facts, interpretation of facts…
Information includes the local view and world view of the informer. It includes preferences, ethics, morals, talents, inconsistencies, interests and survival modes of the one sharing the information you are presented with. Do you get the picture?

Looking for ‘the one and only’ truth is of little use because this focus
• excludes feelings, the important internal side of the whole affair
• excludes the less visible side of the information process

Information is not a ‘thing’, it is a  relation and a process. A choice. Our personal relationship with the information process influences what information ‘booms’ or dies in us, what information we chose to share or not, to give a like or not. What we vote for. Our personal relationship with in its turn information influences what collectively goes viral or withers away….

Information sharing is taking on new shapes since the internet is booming business. Presentation of information influences more people now than ever before. The marketing, messaging and packaging of information to reach potential buyers appears to become at least as important as the actual content.

In a fast lived life external cues about what’s inside tend to be taken at face value. Pause and think about that for a few seconds…… Thinking a bit slower during the day is more effective than cramming in 10 daily minutes of mindfulness quality time. Awareness goes a long way in choosing what we buy into. In getting intimate with our lives again by ‘noticing’ it again. Take a look at the context of what you hear and see and take a few seconds to feel into it beyond the packsging. Take time to get a sense of the quality of the information next to quantity and enticing ‘bows’ tied around it. Allow yourself to feel if you actively  choose to engage or are on automatic buy and reply.
Choosing is more an emotional than a rational process. Thoughts move faster than emotions but are not the best advisor when used seperately from our felt sense.

The quality of what you take in is important. The relevance for you of what you feed yourself with is important, whether it is food or information. Invest some extra time in choosing so you don’t end up steeped in stuff you bought into impulsively.

My suggestion for exploring your relationship with information is to experience for a week, or a weekend, how it works for you to ask yourself the following 5 Questions:
• Does it benefit my wellbeing in all aspects of my life + in the long run?
• Does it enhance my growth + understanding?
• Does it matter for me = does it resonate with my interest and purpose, passion and potential?
• Does is feed my soul with meaning + a sense of connection?
• Does it make me free or freeze?


Mariëlle de Natris is a psychologist and expert in getting reconnected by including unconscious fight, flee and freeze survival modes into the equation of our lives.