This blog is about walls and to process of ‘scapegoating’.

Half a year ago I decided to watch the news again and scan Facebook for feeling the taste of the ‘global land’. I stopped to do that for a while as I was exhausted and this scanning makes me feel so sad and helpless being an empath.

Now, being a part of the PocketProject, nourishes my courage to ‘host the world’ again so to speak. To feel the winds of change and the winds of stuckness. The warmth of empathic hearts and the cold shoulder of fear induced survival modes.

What touches me today is the process of scapegoating.
Our human brain is so easily seduced to do so. It is do easily seducted to connect 2 points only and think in 1 straight line. After 2 or 3 stories about a topic we (our brain) think we see a pattern and we freeze it. Mostly unaware be become biased. We feel more secure that way. It is like an inner wall ‘to keep things out’.

Outer walls apparently are very popular in this 21st century. In ‘’ I read this morning: ‘We now have a total of 40.000 km of border walls globally. Added together this 40.000 km wall spans the whole earth.’ And 80% of this global wall was erected in this millennium alone, in the last 16 years. (see

Our inner walls, they take a lot less time and effort to erect than outer walls. And they are far less obvious. Like I said, 2 or 3 anecdotes about something or someone can be enough to start the freezing process. And up goes the wall.
The stories don’t need to be true, mind you. That’s what advertisements are all about. That’s what a lot of un-integer marketing is about. A very popular string of marketing is even blatantly promoted as ‘the funneling method’. Who wants to be funnelled? I don’t. Do you?

To funnel or be funnelled? That’s a disturbing choice we fortunately don’t actually have to make. There is more than 2 options here if we take some time to ponder about it. To take time to be consciously aware of our potential.

To fool or be fooled, to scapegoat or be the scapegoat is not the only choice either when we consciously use all of our brain, heart and body potential.

We are free to choose to not be a fool or a fooler ourselves. To not be a freezing scapegoater. Because believe me, it gets cold and lonely inside of all those frozen walls. We might try to pretend that ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’… but I seriously doubt that to be true…

Some might sarcastically say: ‘Hey, here’s the answer to global warming’…..
I don’t think sadly hulking inside of cold walls is the best possible answer to global warming. We can do better than that. Instead of continuing the simplicity of scapegoating as a hidden form of cold war we can mature and wisen up enough to be able to fluidly respond to the current complex global questions.

Together we can learn how to be inclusive, warm, open, fully aware and fully present in Life. Let´s stay in the momentum of the flow of life.

Mariëlle, May 6th 2017

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