What if the current exponential amount of homeless people is a symptom of our inner, emotional homelessness?

What if the 121 million people currently fleeing from their homes because of life threatening circumstances and the huge number of people evicted from reposessed houses are symptoms of one underlying process? What if the expansion of inhabitable areas on this planet is an effect of not fully inhabiting our inner world has the same source too: not spending quality time with our wounds and disappointments, love and longings, pain and protection modes, passion and potential.

What if living on the streets, in shelters or in camps is a sign of the loose sand global culture we are creating out of our own unalignment? Of our disconnection from our inner world and our outer world, where we get to move and talk but nobody’s ‘home’. Not feeling aligned and whole anymore is a red flag. When we respond in time to this alarm signal we can prevent personal disease and potentially also moving into unhealthy collective habits and systems before they get frozen into endless vicious circles.

There’s many ways we can disconnect from ourselves and our environment. In this blog I would like to highlight that we as ‘Westeners’ seem to have ditched alignment with belonging to a close knit group in favour of individualisation. We might have gained more personal freedom and autonomy in the process but we’ve lost our collective context. Together with the commons, the dialogue and a sense of togetherness we lost feeling safe inside. We lost our feeling of safety and familiarity that goes with feeling supported and embedded. With this collective base we lost the inner peace of ‘at homeness’. We tend to get more tense, more cautious, more wary. Maybe we can find some inner peace in individual mindfulness and other spiritual practices. But we are human, we are in this together, so living in modes of disconnection is unhealthy and unsustainable.

It is time to go from wariness to awareness.
It is time to unite the individual and the collective in an integral, integrated, integer way.

What if we integrate our new wave of evolution and create a new quality of life? What if we get to see the unity in diversity, get to know the diversity through the united. I would very much like us to grow together into the awareness of personal + collective ethics. One ethics that realizes that every single person + the whole is important.

Everybody is a piece of the puzzle of Life. Everybody gets informed by inspired creativeness when not in fear. To not be in fear we all need a healthy amount and quality of food and water, warmth and sleep at the very last. We also need a house and a sense of home, providing us with physical warmth + the emotional warmth of a sense of belonging. And we need a healthy set of beliefs to feel at home in, until we grow into a felt sense of what resonates completely, what works for me plus everybody else. We don’t need dogmatic ‘boxes of belief’ spiralling us down in destructive processes that get more difficult to reverse every day we choose to reinforce them. We don’t have to get stuck in fright or helplessness. Nobody gains from that. *


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*  See my previous blog ‘no pain no gain’ http://www.consciousinterconnection.nl/2017/07/no-pain-nog-gain/

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