On Desire, Expectations and Hope

My first impressions thinking about these 3 words this morning are:

• Desire is Life force, the Lust for Life. It brings evolutionary momentum.
Desire can also become an addiction to the familiar old or to the exciting new.
Deeming desire a ‘bad’ thing potentially kills the Lust for Life. This won’t get you enlightened any sooner by the way, as naming desire ‘undesirable’ tends to repress Eros, the inevitable evolutionary aspect of being human. This is a fruitless endeavor creating lots of stress.

• Expectations can be specific vehicles for bringing momentum to innovation and exploration.
Expectations can also become prisons of personal beliefs and of demands directed towards oneself, others, life and God:
– I should be able to do this
– you ‘should’ fullfil my expectations
– life should make this happen
– God should not let people suffer
Deeming expectations ‘foolish’ or ‘dangerous’ can curb enthusiasm and slow down evolutionary momentum tremendously.

• Hope can be an opening to your own potential, to evolutionary momentum, to divine Grace. It can indicate the direction of the most likely area for you to be able to receive information that goes beyond ‘life as usual’.
Hope can also become an illusion when informed by addictions, beliefs and blind faith only.
Deeming all hope futile can worsen doubt and despair. It can cause unresolved trauma to freeze into its ‘place in the past’ even more. It can make fear explode to unregulated proportions.

What is the therapy in this?
I think we can each heal by careful and compassionate ‘wholing’. By including all that arises.

There is Life Force and there is Grace.
It flows, is there, always.
Even if we don’t feel it they are meeting us in our core as we speak.
We don’t have to desire, expect or hope for these fields of evolution and grace to be here in the open purity of our Core.
We don’t have to feel it. It is not obligatory.
I must say it feels much better to actually experience Life Force and Grace. That way, in order to ‘know’ they are ‘real’, I don’t have to take my cues from the words of others only. I take words and advice from others not lightely anymore, for in my 59 years of experience many a word tends to be inspired by addiction, shoulds or lostness. That potentially goes for all words, mine included.

What I personally find helpful is to welcome my desires, expectations and hope as resources instead of discarding them. I practice listening to the unspoken strength, unmet potential, unresolved trauma they present to me. I practice receiving them with open arms as sources of information for Waking up, Growing up and Showing up.
I also need to take the whole information in and balance it with my own and very specific rhythm, bodymind structure, resilience of the moment and deepest inner Calling.
And then I write about it to integrate it even further and be visible in my openness to overcome my fears.

Do you recognise any of this?
I am interested in what you practice as a, maybe unusual, resource in your life. Please feel welcome to let me know.
2017, August 16

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