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On Desire, Expectations and Hope.

On Desire, Expectations and Hope My first impressions thinking about these 3 words this morning are: • Desire is Life force, the Lust for Life. It brings evolutionary momentum. Desire can also become an addiction [...]

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Emotional Homelessness

What if the current exponential amount of homeless people is a symptom of our inner, emotional homelessness? What if the 121 million people currently fleeing from their homes because of life threatening circumstances and the huge [...]

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No pain no gain?

The meme 'no pain no gain' caught my eye yesterday. I would like to share multiple perspectives on this sentence. 'No pain no gain' potentially 'condones' terrifying ways of making a living if the gain [...]

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Artificial intelligence or creative Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or creative Intelligence? More and more I am amazed when I read about the fascination with Artificial intelligence. I feel confused too, for starters because of the abreviation Al. On my phone the [...]

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Walls and scapegoats

This blog is about walls and to process of 'scapegoating'. Half a year ago I decided to watch the news again and scan Facebook for feeling the taste of the 'global land'. I stopped to do [...]

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Choosing from a superposition

Choosing from a superposition, why? So much information, so little time. How to chose? You cannot explore everything in full detail and depth. You can however find more clarity in another way: • broaden your [...]