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Creatieve spanning en levenslust

Wat hebben spanning, creativiteit en levenslust met elkaar te maken? Dat wil ik graag toelichten en je 4 verhelderende vragen stellen om de bij jou passende antwoorden te vinden voor een levenslust boost. We zijn op reis. [...]


Peace is very dear to me. It provides the necessary balance of learning new things and being supported in the process. When stepping and succeeding, or stumbling, tripping and falling it is of immense value [...]

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On Opinions

Opinions Can be as addictive as opium They seem to come ‘natural’ But they are ‘man-made’ Opiates to the brain We tend to keep coming back to them For the pleasure Of feeling sure about something In a temporary escape from the unknown An opinion Is a decision A chosen manifestation From an endless range Of potential and possibilities When we hold it lightly It can be a move in the dance of life When we ‘stick to it’ It might make us drag our feet In the face of the ever changing Curves of life […]

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Are you as much into Being and Relating as into Doing?

This post is inspired by reading ‘Business spirituality’ by Paul de Blot and the integral business book ‘4D leadership; competitive advantage through vertical leadership development’ by Alan Watkins. Both well known authors mention the importance of doing, being and relating. In our Western culture emphasis on doing seems to overrule all else. In business the profit margins gained by exploiting doingness are becoming smaller and smaller. Alan Watkins makes a compelling case when showing the potential of optimising the use of being and relating next to the well known doing. I am really happy with […]