On Desire, Expectations and Hope.

On Desire, Expectations and Hope My first impressions thinking about these 3 words this morning are: • Desire is Life force, the Lust for Life. It brings evolutionary momentum. Desire can also become an addiction to the familiar old or to the exciting new. Deeming desire a 'bad' thing potentially kills the Lust for Life. This won't get you enlightened any sooner by the way, as naming desire 'undesirable' tends to repress Eros, the inevitable evolutionary aspect of being human. This is a fruitless endeavor creating lots of stress. • Expectations can be specific vehicles for bringing momentum to innovation and [...]

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Emotional Homelessness

What if the current exponential amount of homeless people is a symptom of our inner, emotional homelessness? What if the 121 million people currently fleeing from their homes because of life threatening circumstances and the huge number of people evicted from reposessed houses are symptoms of one underlying process? What if the expansion of inhabitable areas on this planet is an effect of not fully inhabiting our inner world has the same source too: not spending quality time with our wounds and disappointments, love and longings, pain and protection modes, passion and potential. What if living on the streets, in shelters [...]

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No pain no gain?

The meme 'no pain no gain' caught my eye yesterday. I would like to share multiple perspectives on this sentence. 'No pain no gain' potentially 'condones' terrifying ways of making a living if the gain is yours and the pain is 'others'. 'No pain no gain' potentially makes us settle for pain without gain in the hope of future pay off for all of our suffering, without living now. 'No pain no gain' Think about it. Whose pain and whose gain one might ask? The 'capitalistic mode' seems to topple us into unequality by the pain of the many (called [...]

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Artificial intelligence or creative Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or creative Intelligence? More and more I am amazed when I read about the fascination with Artificial intelligence. I feel confused too, for starters because of the abreviation Al. On my phone the capital letter for i show up as l. To me this capital letter l looks like the non capital letter l. In other words, it looks and sounds like an 'L' to me. The L of Love and Life and Laughter. The L of Listening and Looking. Not as the i of intelligence, inquiry, ingenuity. Not as the i of I, of me, my Self and I. [...]

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Quiet Xmas Greetings PART 2

PART 2 of the Quiet Xmas Greetings will provide you with 6 TIPS on what to do when you or others experience the ‘Xmas-blues’ in order to have the most wonderful Christmas time and 2017 possible. Part 1 in short Inner Silence, Quiet contemplation and the longing for Peace are highly activated in the collective consciousness at Xmas time. These softer and Quiet qualities are 'in the air' so to speak. Some people are more open to softness, can relax into it. Others will have a hard time not to feel stressed, vulnerable or blue in this soft energy. Now what [...]

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